It Was A Fairly Good Year…if you like veggies and learning patience anew



Okay, I did this once before:  Went a lonnnnnng stretch without blogging.  Three months, in fact.  This time, I’m ashamed to admit, it’s been more like 10 months, maybe 11.  😦

I was coaxed into going back to work for someone early in the year.  Got an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I am happy to report I work in the food manufacturing industry in Quality Assurance.  I always wanted to work in the food analysis side of things – quite fun at times.

But you didn’t want to hear any of that, I know.  You’ve wondered ‘where is that guy that writes so irreverently about so many things in food’?   I’ve been sequestered in an office in a large manufacturing plant, hunkered over a computer keyboard, writing things that aren’t creative.  Numbers.  Reports.  Metrics.  I’m an Excel master.

Egad, I’ve become a corporate man!  And I’ve missed writing.  Quite a lot, in fact.  You see, it’s fun to write, to poke a stick at a sleeping bear.  I enjoy discovering something new in food; gazing into my slightly cracked crystal ball to see what lies on the horizon in that world of culinary exploit.

The best thing I’ve discovered this year – something I’ve always loved and adored, but found a different way to admire- is fruits and vegetables.  I’ve juiced them, I’ve cooked and prepared them in new and interesting ways and even dared to do a cleanse for a whole, ungodly interminable 7 days.  It’s what you call a ‘reboot’.

Alas, I’m not vegan – nothing will ever come between me and a sinfully fatty ribeye.   Yet late last December of 2015, my wife and I took inspiration from Michael Pollan and decided to adopt his imprimatur…  “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants”.

Achieving that clean high that can only be found in the micro-nutrients juiced plant forms give you was the best benefit I gained from my food in 2016.  My skin looked really good; I lost weight.  Most of all, I felt superb – like I was 35 again.  It’s something I will keep doing in 2017.  All in all, 2016 was a changing year.  I found new reserves of patience, new sources of inspiration.  Mostly I re-learned self-reliance, the fact that I’m a pretty damned strong-willed and powerful individual.  And that my treatment of those weaker or less fortunate are testimony to my gentleness, which to me was always the measurement of a true man.

Next time, I’m going to share some recipes and some new  techniques in cooking I’ve learned over this year.  Until then, and as always my dear friends….

…go eat something! 

P.S.  Belated Merry Christmas wishes and the very best to you and yours in the New Year of 2017!

P.S.S.  Donald Trump really DOES like a Waldorf Salad!  I wonder if he’ll be a good President?

P.P.S.S.  Eating tons of Chinese Food, especially Spring Rolls in the dead of winter, all afternoon on Christmas Day is really, really, super FUN!


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