Frittatas – The Leftover Savior


I can’t think of a single food more versatile than the egg.  It’s nutritious, it’s satisfying.  I’m thankful for the recent medical reports that cholesterol isn’t quite the health scourge once thought.  Good thing – I eat at least a dozen eggs a week.   My wife and I dig the luscious simplicity of a dippable egg and toast.  Omelettes make my crazed hunger quickly fade like a large Banzai wave being eaten by the coastline beach.

Frittatas, on the other hand, hold a special place in my repertoire and my sensibility, because they are the catch-all for every little extra scrap of leftovers in my fridge and pantry.  A hearty (and often healthy) meal is but moments away when I choose to frittata.  Yes, I just verbed ‘frittata’.

Any leftover vegetables are prime candidates.  Broccoli and cheese?  Sweet potato frittata with smoked gouda?  Extra primavera vegetables like red and green bell pepper, artichokes and smoked salmon?  I spied a small container of Monday night’s Swedish meatballs one Wednesday evening.  You’d be amazed at how egg noodles JUST WORK in a thick bed of egg.  And that sour cream sauce with the mushrooms and meatballs are so heavenly rich, I often limit myself to one serving.

You can literally try anything in a frittata.  Get crafty with your ideas!  I once took a cold cheeseburger made with Lipton Onion Soup Mix, chopped it fine, added more sautéed onions and sprinkled herbed chevre lightly over the top before sliding the pan under the broiler for a sec and finishing with a sprinkle of scallions.  Spent the entire dinner with a goofy grin on my face as I stuffed it with onion-y goodness.

Since salsa long ago replaced ketchup as America’s most popular condiment, it’s almost too easy a choice.  Salsa and sour cream is kinda cheating; my one exception to this was taking a stuffed green pepper (whole bell pepper stuffed with spiced jasmine rice and Andouille sausage) and liberally adding salsa to the chopped pepper and its insides, then dropping them into the freshly whisked eggs.

So, next time you’re facing a dilemma of screaming kids/partner/stomach, poke around in your fridge.  If you’ve got eggs, you’ve got frittata!

Now, go eat something!  (Haven’t said that in a while – feels good!)





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