GMOs Vs. The American People


Chef Jose Andres recently issued the above statement about GMOs.  Andres is a world-renowned scion of food, and he has his finger on the pulse of what has become a very dark conspiracy.  His is a telling, starkly honest commentary on the state of our food and the detrimental additives currently being fed to us through such companies as Monsanto and others.

What is important is this is being allowed in the full view and knowledge of our U.S. Government.   Shocker, right?

This isn’t going to be an educational exercise on GMOs.  You either know what they are or you don’t.  If you don’t – know right now that they’re categorically destructive to the human body – your body.   And Donald Trump’s body, too.  Go ahead and Google ‘GMOs’ and get ready for the shock without the awe.

We have a global food catastrophe in the making right now.  That’s right.  Global.  Catastrophe.  Statements by nutrition experts at the highest levels maintain our foods simply aren’t very nutritious anymore, and not nearly as healthy as they were even 10 years ago.  In truth, you’re sort of being starved to death.   And poisoned.  I’m not even talking about products like aspartame (another consumable “Frankenstein” created by none other than Monsanto).   That’s a different batch of bad soup.

A major tool in addressing an issue of public health and safety in the past used to be shining a bright light on it – forcing parties be held accountable by the likes of the FDA, the USDA and every other governmental office that oversees the business of food.   Unfortunately, as I have proven through my battles with Kraft Foods, we’re not going to get any help from our government.  But then we’re talking about little old me here.  I don’t have the social media muscle to spread the word on a viral level.  Yet.

On the Oscar Mayer incident, the FDA fully admitted to me they are understaffed (I have alllll the emails).   So they’re useless in any fight against Monsanto or the others.  Same with our elected Congresspeople:  Monsanto’s got a veritable Fort Knox of lobbying dollars and they’re jamming them into the right pockets without need for a reach-around.  Don’t be alarmed:  Integrity and silence and blind apathy have been bought and traded for millennia.   So much for the “power of the people”.

So how do we get someone to change their ways?   First, shine a brighter spotlight on it than I’ve been able to do.  Get it out in the open, and by serious, credible people who know what they’re talking about – like Chef Andres and a score more.  Get some uber-visible personalities to put their considerable weight behind the problem.  Through sheer public recognition, bad perception and then disapproval, these guilty companies will have no other choice but to change their business practices.  Hey, CEOs are greedy, but they’re not stupid.  They want to hang onto their G5 jets and luxury third homes and their smoking hot mistresses.  And if that means sucking it up and doing more forthright business, they just might have the wherewithal to straighten up, especially if their wives might get a fat, anonymous envelope with pictures.  Okay, the envelope metaphor is probably a stretch, but you savor my flavor.

So.  When it comes to calling out the companies driving the GMO bus, who do we get to step up?   My first suggestion is Andrew Zimmern.  He’s not only a TV personality and a brand giant – this man knows food and the business of food because he’s one exceptionally smart and versatile man.  He’s as comfortable sucking ants in Borneo as he is birthing empires in a boardroom.  He’s in touch with every issue I’m writing about here.  He’s well-thought and well-spoken and perfect for leading the charge.

Next?  Anthony Bourdain, and simply because the man isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.  And he hates bullies.   He’s got integrity by the fistful and a bullshit detector like no one else I know.  He’ll exhaust his research and then he’ll tear ass on whomever needs it at the moment.   And he’s CNN’s boy, don’t forget.  Bourdain would be well-served by enlisting any of his food pal magnates like Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, Andre Soltner, and the aforementioned Andres.  These men are the faces of gargantuan success in the food industry.   I might even offer the likes of Mario Batali, because he has the same fearless, don’t-give-a-rip approach and he comes from a truly international food pedigree.  GMOs don’t stop at our borders, after all, and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant lives and works in Jolly Old England.

Getting these people to take up the flag and fight on our behalf is what it will take to change Monsanto and every other group currently compromising our food supply.  You and I as average citizen eaters don’t stand a chance.  Only through food industry experts’ unveiling this scourge of despicable (and illegal?) practices (and the subsequent public outcry) will we ever build a possible defense against the destruction-by-monolith of the very food keeping us alive.

I’m going to go out on a limb.  If The Donald gets elected, watch out.  He may very well be the only person we’d need in this war.  I think he’d personally like to build a big fire and put Mssr. Grant’s feet to it, then burn down every plant making this GMO crap and piss on the ashes.  You don’t mess with all the nummy goodies in The Donald’s favorite Waldorf Salad.  We shall see.

Normally, I close my submissions with “Now, go eat something”.  Scratch that for today.  Go get yourself a cocktail.  It’s Friday somewhere.    -Jack





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