United States Food and Drug Administration says Kraft Foods infestation was “one-time thing”

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We have come to the end of the Great Oscar Mayer and Kraft Foods SILVERFISH INCIDENT.

Pictured above are John Cahill, Chairman of Kraft Foods and Tony Vernon, CEO of Kraft Foods. These are the men ultimately responsible for a very suspect sanitation problem and corrective action reporting over the conditions at Kraft Food plants.

As you recall, I discovered a large silverfish in a package of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (made by Kraft Foods). Over several months, I experienced a galling display of foot-dragging, deflection and outright lying from the people at Kraft Foods over their selling me an infected, infested product. I kept all documentation and filed a formal complaint with the FDA. The FDA investigation was conducted with their own inspectors.

This was their conclusion: “It was a single, isolated incident. We have received no other complaints, and so we have determined there is no issue”, they said.

Oh! I get it! It’s not the silverfish or the rat drool that’s important, it’s the COMPLAINT. No complaint, no silverfish, right?

Dr. Deanna Brown was a senior epidemiologist with the FDA. Kraft Foods was one of her primary areas. She telephoned me to deliver this information. Obviously I was floored. When I explained that silverfish (and all insects) are not “lone wolves” or “solitary rogue creatures”, she could have cared less even though she knew I was 100% correct. “Where there is one insect”, I explained, “there are hundreds if not thousands, and they spread germs everywhere”. This logic cannot be denied or deflected or buried. Science has already determined that insects breed in staggering numbers. It did not matter.

The FDA would not comment any further.

There you have it, folks. Oscar Mayer-brand products, Mac-n-Cheese — all the products made by Kraft Foods — are officially suspect. You now have a ZERO guarantee that your good money will get you wholesome food. You’re rolling the dice on feeding yourself and your family insect and rodent feces and urine and ejaculate and God knows what else.

If that’s not enough, Kraft Foods recently recalled 6.5 million boxes of Mac-n-cheese due to foreign metal material found within its boxes. As I have discovered, even when there is an infestation or a recall, neither Kraft nor any other food manufacturer is required by law to make any communications directly available to you, the paying American Public. It’s their own great, big, private gag. Oh, you can call the Federal Government and request information per the Freedom of Information Act, but that won’t get us any closer to ensuring Kraft puts out a clean, safe product or is punished for doing otherwise. The FDA guarantees it.

What you put in your mouth and bodies is your own business. At the very least is my hope the experience I’ve had and shared will give you pause the next time you approach any Kraft product at any supermarket…and more important – that you pass right on by. You deserve better and safer food for your money. If that’s not enough motivation for you, just picture Mssrs. Cahill and Vernon lounging at their multi-million dollar vacation homes, purchased with YOUR money.

There is one more thing: Dr. Brown at the FDA sent an email toward the end which stated, “There is not a 100% guarantee that we can inspect everything at Kraft due to staffing issues”. I stared and stared at that email, unable to believe what I was reading. But there it was. No wonder there’s bug spuzz in your food, eh? Hey, at least I got them to admit it.

I forwarded that email as far as I could up the FDA chain of command. It must have gone pretty damn high, because two weeks later, when Dr. Brown and I had our final phone conversation, she told me, “You will no longer be able to contact me after this week, because I will be taking a field position with FDA and no longer involved with Kraft”. I guess even a senior scientist doesn’t stand a chance against a silverfish and a monolith company like Kraft and the FDA as partners. You see, folks, this issue was never about a silverfish getting in my hot dogs. It was the fact that thousands of silverfish get in Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs all the time, and there isn’t a damn thing we, the little people, can do about it. Just give them your money and shut up and eat. And when the Kraft and Heinz merger goes through, you’ll have even less of a chance to complain. Who’s going to listen…the FDA?

I promise my next blog will be infinitely more appetizing. -Jack

images courtesy of cspnet.com


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