Today is National (insert favorite food here) DAY!!!!

muffin biscuits

Today is National Muffin Day. I’m all for that, because a blueberry muffin, done correctly, is a real pleasure. Cup of coffee and a pat of butter on the muffin….ahhh. Nice.

Tomorrow is National Biscuit & Gravy Day (I’m really in on that one) and oddly, National Sticky Bun Day. I think we’re doing a great disservice to the Sticky Bun, particularly in this part of the country. First of all, the Northern Midwest populace calls it a Sweet Roll. If someone’s talking about “sticky buns” around here, it’s after 9:00, the little kids have long been put to bed and everyone’s on their third drink. It’s a bad punchline, not something you put in your mouth. Regardless of calling it Sticky Bun/Sweet Roll, why drop if further down the marquee by pairing it on the same day with National Biscuits and Gravy Day? I totally dig Blueberry Muffins, and they’ll enjoy their day today, but tomorrow morning’s gargantuan plate of Biscuits and Gravy will send me into that alpha-state of consciousness, where my logical, beta-state takes a coffee break and my body relaxes into each heaping, dripping forkful of flaky biscuit and peppery, sausagey gravy. If you’re having B&G, you’re having a good day. Nothing against Sweet Rolls, but there’s no comparison.

In no particular order, the following Foodities get their due during February – it is a pretty solid month for food.

Canned Food Month – lots of sodium, but we’re not America without canned food.
National Chocolate Lovers Month – is there really such a thing as too much chocolate? (…yes)
National Cherry Month – and Sunday February 22 is National Cherry Pie Day. Dad loved cherry pie.
National Potato Lovers Month – potatoes are a most spectacular, versatile food and definitely on my ‘desert island list’.

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month – really? Was someone bored on the Board?
National Hot Breakfast Month – Hell, yes. Big fan of hot breakfast.

I’ll close on that. Except to say — Public Service Announcement Spoiler! — Get yourself a flu shot. I passed on it this year and I’ve been regretting it for the past three days…and yet reminded of it, oh, every 30 minutes or so. Enjoy your weekend, everyone – and make sure you eat something GOOD! I’m sick of broth and toast! -Dirty Jack

Photos courtesy of ‘Laurainthekitchen.wikia’ and ‘’


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