Garlic Is My True Love — one last bite

garlic press caesar

Garlic is very good for you. This much we know. It lowers your blood pressure and works on the bad cholesterol that sometimes finds its way down your gullet. It thins out your blood by dissolving near-atomic pieces of plaque in your arteries. I also love the name “The Stinking Rose”. There is nothing bad about garlic, even the so-called breath you exude when you eat it. I’m not going to comment on yesterday’s findings from our government’s Top Nutrition Panel — that cholesterol is now “off the danger list”. I will allow all of you to decide what’s best and right for yourself. What you put in your body is none of my damn business. But I will occasionally share foods or recipes with you I happen to personally feel an affinity towards, and one of them is my Caesar Salad Dressing. It’s simple, but loaded with garlic and flavor.

In a bowl, add 2 mashed anchovy fillets (salted from the can); to that add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoon of lemon juice, splash of Tabasco, pinch of salt, healthy pinch of black pepper, one egg yolk, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and 4 cloves of garlic run through a garlic press. Whisk this all together and then start drizzling in olive oil a bit at a time. For this recipe, I add only one cup of olive oil. Once that cup’s in, the dressing will thicken and get richer, taking on a very lovely gloss. The yellow of the yolk will deepen and the garlic’s scent will work its way to your nose and throughout the room.

What you do with the dressing after that is limited only by your imagination. Sometimes I take whole Romaine leaves on a well-buttered and toasted baguette and slather it generously with the dressing, shower a handful of Parmesan cheese on top of that and eat it like an appetizer. Sometimes I chop the Romaine in the standard fashion and dress it like a salad, only to take a pile of it and put it on top of a well-constructed and grilled lamb burger. No matter what you do with this dressing, you will alert the entire world to what you’ve been up to. And in this case, that’s always a good thing. Now….go eat something! -DJ


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