Garlic Is My True Love, Part Deux

garlickiss garlickiss2 garlickiss3

I am enveloped by a scent, a familiar odor not experienced in some time. It is the essence that can only be Garlic Overload. As written yesterday, my plan was to reinstate garlic back into my diet, and with volume and a forced gusto. The Dirty Jack Caesar was substituted for the Dirty Jack Smokin’ Salmon Salad Sandwich, replete with cornichons, and not just an aioli, but with the powerful inclusion of FOUR whole cloves of garlic mixed with the mayonnaise. You would think that much garlic would obliterate any or all of the smoked salmon, but if anything it fueled it. The first bite rocketed garlic fumes so far up my nasal passages, they’re still trying to catch up from the whiplash. Ever get that big singeing up your nose whenever you eat wasabi, and you get teary-eyed? Garlic will do the same thing with enough of it. Ohhhhhhh….feel the burn!

And then my wife came home.

Sometimes you have to just THROW yourself in the doghouse.

But the first day back was a good one, and this morning, I already feel a certain calm in my body. The hydrogen sulfide was working over my blood pressure mere hours later. Unfortunately the cats are looking at me as if I grew horns overnight. Ha. Too bad, boys. Dad’s a resurgent garlic fiend!

Coming Up —
Dirty Jack’s Insane Version of The Nuclear Garlic Caesar Dressing recipe.
Now go eat something! -DJ

(images courtesy of Kristen B ……..many thanks!)


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