Kraft Foods – “We Stand By Our (Tainted) Products!”

Kraft - respons

“It’s not our fault”! That’s what Kraft Foods is saying. For those of you who haven’t followed this story, I discovered a very large silverfish inside a package of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, specifically their Bacon Dogs. Since then, Kraft Foods has all but blamed everyone except themselves for this infestation. I’ve included the response from them for you to read in the now-famed “Kraft Silverfish Dog Infestation”. You’ll need to click on the image and then click again to enlarge it enough to read.

In keeping with their overall theme of irresponsibility and foot-dragging, it took Kraft nearly three weeks for their “laboratory” to analyze and determine that this was indeed a silverfish, although they described it only as “insect larvae”. Hey, at least they admitted THAT. Way to go, Kraft! It’s a bug! In the food you make and expect people to pay for! Unfortunately, it took three more calls from me to Mssr. Edwards before they finally submitted their findings to me in the letter attached to this blog.

Kraft calls this “an isolated incident”. Over the past two months, the posts and images and videos on Facebook alone regarding their tainted food, and across all Kraft product lines, is STAGGERING. From Kraft Tartar Sauce to Oscar Mayer Lunchables to CapriSun drink pouches to OM Hot Dogs of all varieties….Kraft Foods says “bullshit”. It’s not us. Even in the face of the bare truth – my package of hot dogs that I allowed them to test – they won’t admit their mistake, and worse, “stand behind their products and their processes”. It gets worse.

There are officially no recalls currently regarding Kraft Food Products. There is a major collusion going on with not just Kraft Foods, but a larger number of food manufacturers than you would want to imagine. People, this is the food you eat and feed your families.

I am in contact with the USDA over the matter. Obviously. I should have something more for you very shortly. Until then…and I mean this simply and sincerely: Don’t eat any Kraft Food Products. Check the internet for all the brands KF makes and then avoid them like you would the plague. More to come, my friends. Eat well. -Jack


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