Don’t Just Stand There….Eat Something!

I’m a cook. I like food. I like eating it, I like playing with it, I like the smiles on people when they eat something memorably good I’ve prepared. I like that it’s a daily ritual. I love the multiple sensations I get when flavors are on my tongue — the textures, and the way aromas travel in and around my mouth and up through my nasal passages. I am fascinated at how I can smell a roasted turkey and instantly picture my Grandma Hazel’s face, even though she’s been gone since the winter of 1970.

I feel sorry for those people for whom food is simply…fuel. A source of energy, but not excitement. A means to an end. The daily necessity that is eating is an unremarkable, repetitive movement. “In, Out, Up, Down, In, Out, Up, Down. Repeat”, just like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon. I remember the great Alaskan adventurer, Dick Proenneke, who always referred to his food that same way. Fuel. The man ate little more than beans and rice for nearly 50 years. Good Lord. For such a bold guy, Dick’s one-dimensional view on the glory that is food makes him seem boring. But you know what? That’s his choice and I have to respect it.

I have strong feelings as well about the business of food. That is, bringing food to the masses. This blog is going to take the occasional swipe at the retail end of food; I will flip an editorial bird at other areas I think are worth lampooning. I’m perfectly adept at satirizing anything and everything. Nothing will ever be truly sacred here, with one exception: Food is and will always be the star in my kitchen. I can only hope to do the food I prepare, a little justice. I’ll share some recipes with you, thoughts I have on everything involved with food, along with stories from the food manufacturing business I own and run, all the while trying to keep my fingers in that tasty little bowl known as “the latest food trends”. I might get messy every now and again, but that’s only because I’m taking some risks.

That’s all for now. We’ll talk again soon. Now go eat something. -Jack


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